Wednesday, March 7, 2007

What a day!

Do you ever feel like life just keeps repeatedly kicking you in the ass?? I sure do!
Our family has not had the greatest start to 2007, who needs cable when you live reality t.v!
WE have gone through what I like to call a very long series of unfortunate events!
Just when you think you've seen it all, my heart is put to yet another test this one the scariest of all!!
I received a call from my hubby at around 10:30am, Normally I enjoy calls from him but not of this nature! Turns out our son did not return to class after recess and they could not find him!
Now I'm sure if the school had not been fully aware of our series of unfortunate events this temporary misplacement of my child would have gone a lot smoother! Q~ball is not the type of kid to to just disappear without a logical explanation!

My hubby immediately upon receiving the phone call from the school left work and went to the school where there still was no sign of Q! His stuff was all there boots, coat, backpack! Where the hell is he? Everyone is frantic (teachers, friends,parents!!) The R.C.M.P where called and put on alert & my hubby and our employee began the search driving around the school area & home! I felt devastated and completely helpless while my child was out there somewhere missing! I'm not one to sit around in situations like this so me and Taylor decided to head to the school! I ran as far as I could pushing Taylor in the buggy! (against her will she wanted to walk but that would take WAY to long!!) I'm not in very good shape so running wasn't the best idea! !
I only had one thing on my mind at this time MUST FIND MY BABY, my deepest fear was that a certain person responsible for our families prior series of unfortunate events was also responsible for this!
Half way to the school my hubby called me on the cell, the search party had been called off & he had been found safe and sound in the reading room @ school READING!!! THANK GOD!!
My heart finally slowed down and I began to catch my breath!
Q is part of a one to one reading program at school, as it turns out the grown ups in charge of the reading had picked him up after recess to go read...neglecting to inform his poor teacher! I can only imagine how she must have felt as she placed that phone call to Qs dad! "Hi Q's Dad,this is Q's teacher, turns out we have accidentally misplaced your child, he did not return to class after recess and we are not entirely sure where he may have gone!" I certainly would not want to make that call! She really is a great teacher and I am so thankful Q has had her! We owe her some serious morning coffees to make up for all the DRAMA we have caused! She was extremely relieved to know he was in fact safe @ reading and Q has promised never
to go off without telling someone!
Those 20 mins while I feared for my sons safety where absolutely the most horrific 20 mins of my life!! My heart definitely thinks it could do without all this excitement! I cant help but agree!
Well the saying goes...When it rains it pours and WE have been flooding around here lately but
THE SUN WILL COME OUT TOMORROW!! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!
Its early in the year, guess we may as well get all the crap out of the way right off the start so we can relax and enjoy the rest of the year! I think we have definitely gone through a years worth of crap so the rest of the year should be packed full of happiness! That something to be optimistic about! Tomorrows only a day away!
Every BLACK cloud has a SILVER lining!!
Keep on SMILING*!!


Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...


THAT has got to be MY WORST FEAR by far. My babies missing. Taken by some stranger. Hurt. Or worse.

I am so sorry you had to go through that. I hope you never have to go through something like that again.

I pray I never get a call like that.

Court said...

thanks me too!!=)

Anonymous said...

OMFG Court! My heart dropped when I was reading that!

SO GLAD to hear he was safe and sound. But holy crap, what a scare hey?