Thursday, March 22, 2007


YES I'm still alive!! No the Jello didn't not turn out to be fatal in fact it was quite FANTASTIC!! Sorry I have been M.I.A. I've been playing some hard core poker this past week and its been PAYING off!! No BIG huge prizes yet but I'm working on it! My "Sugar Daddy" loaned my 5 bucks on my online poker account, I took that 5 dollars played in 4- 1.25 SNG tournaments and ended up being able to pay back my 5.00 loan and still have 17.00 in my account!! SWEET!! I've managed to play for the week and as of tonight my bankroll is 22.00 all in all it's been a GREAT Week for POKER for ME!!!
My children have decided that they would rather play outside than do crafts! Well my daughter anyways and my son is forced against his will most of the time to join her outside because he's older and she can't be out alone!! Sorry "Buddy" (my princess nicknamed him that!)
I tell him when he was 3 I had to do all kinds of things with him I didn't want to but I still did, now its his turn!! lol! There is a 4 year age difference and most of the time they get along GREAT but on occasion the age gap becomes quite apparent!

Today was CHILLY out!! I am less than thrilled by the UN SPRING like weather we have been stricken with this past week!! I made the kids stay in for most of the day Today, as their recent love for the frigid outdoors has left them with mild spring colds!

To fill some time I decided we would try to make a neat craft I found online, using coffee filters and water colour paint !! Who doesn't have coffee filters kicking around the house?! Well I don't because my coffee maker doesn't use them but that's a whole other post=)

Now that it is officially SPRING!! I am anxiously waiting for flowers to start blooming!! That's the best part of spring!! All the new pretty flowers! Since its still a bit early to see them outside I figured we can make our own for inside!!

This craft was by far the EASIEST And FUNNEST craft I have ever done!!! It was PERFECTLY KID FRIENDLY even my lil princess did great with this one!!

The final product turned out absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I took a bouquet over to a girlfriend's house, I loved them some much I had to share!! After all the best part of Crafting is Sharing!!

OK here's how to do it! Well my version anyways! lol

What you need....
White round coffee filters
Water Colour Paint (the more colours the more fun!) It has to be WATER paint! Food colouring and water could work as well.
Paint Brush
Sparkles (add to paint)
Pipe Cleaner/Popsicle stick, straw
Tape (green or clear tape would be best


1.) LAY OUT NEWSPAPER!! LOTS OF LAYER AS IT GETS WET!! Have some extra off to the side to replace overly wet sheets
2.) Fill plastic containers with water
3.) Add sparkles to paint if desired
4.) Paint coffee filter making sure to use lots of water, Be CREATIVE, you can make patterns whatever you like!
5.) Let DRY!! (It actually dries WAY faster than I expected! You could be speed up with blow drier if your really impatient, I didn't so many of them that by the time I was done painting the first one's I did where dry!)
6.) Pinch and twist center of filter to form Flower (You could put several filters on top of each other to form a multi layer flower! These are especially pretty!!
7.) Wrap Pipe Cleaner or Tape Stick to Flower!!

VOILA!! Insta Garden only need to water once!! :)
Now that you've made your flowers you have all kinds of options as far as what to do with them!

I wanted to share some of mine but I didn't really have a vase or anything that I could use @ home to put them in, Being inventive I grabbed some Play-Doh out of the closet ,made a ball, stabbed the sticks in and there you go perfect flower pot!! Well my G*friend loved her bouquet!! She thinks I'm sooo crafty, its funny! I took some pictures they are not the best I apologize!! But its better than having to stretch the imagination!!

You could add some scented oil to the water if you wanted to make your flowers smell as pretty as they look. I'm going to try this out tomorrow!! I ran out of paint today, but I have food colouring in the cupboard so I'm going to give this a try using the dye instead of the paint!! Should be FUN!!

Looking for something to brighten up the place ?? Guys want to impress your GIRL?? Give this a try! It is quick and easy and these flowers are SUPER LOW Maintenance , Best of all they can LAST FOREVER!!

My son had actually made me some for Mother's Day in Kindergaren, His teacher bought little mini clay pots for each of the kids to put their little flowers in, It was really nice!!



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