Wednesday, March 7, 2007


~~turns screen...Hubby's sitting right beside me playing poker so I'll just turn my screen a little bit so this isn't staring him right in the face!! Ex-boyfriends are not normally something your current partner wants to think about! I know for me the thought of him being with other people before me weirds me out! He's 10 years old than I am so its not like I'm ignorant to that fact that he was with other woman before me its just something I prefer not to think about and I'm sure those feelings are mutual! Although I was young when we met I wasn't totally inexperienced! Mermaid stopped by the site today and left me and invite to come over to her site and play a game, Her game was to list your ex relationships, I decided instead of leaving my list in the comments I'd just do a whole post! Its not like my list is huge! Keep in mind my actual dating experience was pretty short and sweet! My first real boyfriend was in grade 9 when I was 14 and my last was when I was 16 going on 17.Here's my list=)
In chronological order...
Joe- he was my first for a few things!=) We hung in 3 months
Mike-Joe^ is the one who hooked us up (after we had broken up for a while! It was kinda weird having your ex set you up!) Mike moved to B.C so we broke up after a month
Justin-We dated on and off for months...He'd come by when he was bored that kind of thing=)
Phil-We dated for 6 months I thought I was sooo in love with him! God was I clueless!
Andy-we dated for 2 months he was just someone to pass the time with, only boyfriend I wasn't intimate with (sorry Andy=)
I gave up on boyfriends for 6 months and just had fun! (that's a whole other list!)
Then I met Keith! He's the Love of my life! Fiance for 8 years and counting:) My babies daddy=) My best friend and by far the BEST BOYFRIEND and lover on the list!! and I'm not just writing that because he's peeking over my shoulder beside me! lol
Thanks for the fun game to play mermaid! How did I score?
I really enjoyed that trip down memory lane! It made me truly thankful I ended up with who I did! I dated some real LOSERS!! ah the joys of being young and STUPID!!
All part of the wonderful adventure called LIFE!!!


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