Monday, March 12, 2007

I need a JOB!!

OK so I have been procrastinating for quite some time now on finding a job. I haven't been real eager to sport the lovely khaki coloured uniform @ Timmy's )by that I mean Tim Horton's the coffee shop )or even worse the dread McD's (no been there did that already when I was like 14 don't need to relive that again). I did not go to college or university for a career so I'm not really "QUALIFIED" to do anything special! I've been a full time Mama first and for most , going on 8 years now and while I've worked part time for all 8 of those,I finally decided it's time to hang up that hat and try something new

I worked @ H&R Block (u know the income tax guys!) It did that for 7 years, I enjoyed it but mostly because of the people I got to work with and the fact that it was seasonal! By the time I hated working, tax season was over! I have taken their income tax courses and I prepared taxes for 4years. It was the kind of job you loved to hate!! I loved all the different people I got to meet at work, but who likes TAXES!! Most people hated you as soon as they sat down at your desk just because you where going to be the person that got to inform them they now had to pay CANADA REVENUE AGENCY thousands of dollars after already paying taxes each week all year long. Who would want that job.
It did have its flip side however you would get the people who LOVED you because you where the one who informed them CRA was going to be sending them a cheque for thousands of dollars!! Last tax season was my last and I gracefully ended my career as an assistant office manager! Good place to leave off I think!

That leads me to now! I need a job! We have been trying to get by on hubby's income alone and while it is a good income its self employed income so sometimes its inconsistent! Our line of work is very dependent on good weather as well so sometimes winter can be a little rough!

Ive been procrastinating because I hadn't really seen any jobs I really excited me! Until Friday when the paper came! I've had my eye on this add in there for a hotel in town that's hiring I figured if I had to do anything like that a hotel would be FUN!! To my dismay turns out I waited too long because the job is no longer in the paper! However in its place was a job I a have fallen absolutely in love with and I haven't even been hired or interviewed yet! Its all I can think about since I read it!! I read over the ad and it just SCREAMED... HIRE ME!!
Its office work but I like office work! I just don't like doing taxes!! lol I'm far to opinionated to be in that line of work it was going to get me into trouble eventually! DAM thieving Government!!

Coincidentally enough my husband did the stone work on the man's house who is doing the hiring so that may just give me the extra advantage I need to score this absolutely dreamy job!
I worked on my cover letter to attach to my resume for HOURS tonight trying to make it just right! I have always said that your cover letter is your marketing tool the product being yourself!
You need to sell yourself in that cover letter so the potential employer so the employer realizes you are the perfect eprson for the job! MY problem is Im terrible @ selling myself!!
Which leads me to the next reason for my procrastination. I am absolutely DREADing having to be interviewed for a job! I shutter just at the thought!
I'm a great person and a super employee but interviews make soo incredibly nervous it's sickening! My vision goes all blurry and my whole body shakes & I normally end up laughing uncontrollably! Not normally a good first impression!
I want this job so badly though I will make sure I do NOTHING to mess up my chances!
If I didn't care I would not have edited my cover letter a million times! I'm still not sure its good maybe I can get some of your friendly advise

Here's the one I wanted to send!!

Dear Potential Employer;
I saw your job posting in the paper and its all I've been able to think about since!
I think I would be absolutly perfect for this position!! Please just hire me and you wont be sorry! I promise!!
Sincerly yours
Despretly wants job!

ok ok I know that 's not going to get me hired so I continued to work on it and this is what I came up with!
Let me know ...Would you hire me???

Dear Potential Employer
I would like to apply for the position you have available for a Financial Centre Administrator.
My 7 years of office experience has left me with a multitude of skills and I feel that such skills along with my eagerness and ambition to learn and grow within an organization would make me a positive addition to your company.
I am a productive independent worker and an enthusiastic team player.
My upbeat and energetic personality make me easy to get along with and pleasant to be around.
Previous work experience has taught me how to be quick and effective at

multi-tasking in an organized and efficient manner.
I have also gained leadership qualities, computer proficiency, and great communication and problem solving skills.
I am dedicated, dependable and strive for excellence in all that I do.
I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications for this position in more depth and thank you in advance for your consideration for employment.

Courtnie Brown

I go tomorrow morning to drop of my resume and interviews are being held Tuesday and Wednesday, The ad says only candidates selected for interview will be contacted so I figure I should know by Wed at the latest!!

Wish me LUCK!! I need all the help I can get!!

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Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Woohoo Court!! I've got my fingers crossed for you.