Thursday, March 8, 2007

Poker Madness!!

My hubby and I are pretty avid online poker players , that's putting it mildly we don't have cable so Poker fills in the time. My hubby is an extremely good player, he has won a bit of $$ playing in tourney's. That's how we payed for his trip from Ontario to B.C! Myself on the other hand I'm not a terrible player but I don't see my name reserved on any World Series of Poker Chairs as of yet! I am working on that though! I sit and watch him a lot and when I do play I try to play as tight as possible and reserve my chips for only premium hands! Ive won little prize amounts but nothing significant definitely not as much as him! Today I played in a freeroll which is a no entry fee tourney that pays real money! I normally don't like playing poker when the kids are still awake, I find it very hard to focus on the game,way to much going on all at once my brain tends to over load!

Today my hubby had asked me to play in this tourney hosted by a Poker Forum he belongs to called Railbirds. Members of railbirds are everyday people who all share a love for the game of Poker! 98% of them are excellent poker players who take the game quite seriously! At you can chat with other players, Blog poker tips or just plain rant about the donkey who called your Ace Ace with 3,4 off suit and won! Its all poker all the time! They also host private daily freerolls for members only! That's what I played in today!
I did surprisingly well, I even shocked myself! I really surprised my hubby when he came home from work to find me still playing with a nice sized stack! After 2.5 hours of playing only the PREMO hands, I went ALL IN with pocket Queens. I gracefully placed 20th (out of 600) and won $1.20, not a bad return for a free game! If I had to get beat out holding anything I was glad it was with my ladies:)
Everything I've learnt about online poker I've learned from my hubby! However our style of playing couldn't be more different! Everyone has their own style and that couldn't be more true for the 2 of us! Poker for him is all about Math and Strategy, very heady! If you ask me Poker is 30% brains, 20% FUN & 50% bullshit LUCK! If luck wasn't involved it wouldn't be gambling! And if it wasn't FUN no one would want to play, You don't need much brains to play the game,
You do however require some brains in order to successful and win big money!
I don't think about the cards other people are holding, I simply wait for my premo hands (AA, AK, QQ ) BET them accordingly & hope for the BEST! (Brains,Fun, Luck)
This is probably why I'm not sporting a beautiful W.S.O.P bracelet but my game will only improve the more I play so I'm not giving up on that dream just yet instead I'll take my free $1.20 and see how much $$ I can turn it into!

One of the sites we play on is offering series freeroll events eventually leading to Paid Seats into the World Series of Pokers Main Event which has INCREDIBLY prize payouts!
Any one can buy a seat into the W.S.O.P but it'll cost ya!! $10,ooo.oo to be exact!!
I think I'll keep trying @ the freerolls or see how much my $1.20 turns into.
The freerolls go off every 5 mins so you have lots of opportunity!
Ill get lucky one of these days and actually win one! Im gonna go try Round 1 right now!
Wish me luck!

I'll keep you posted on my progress to becoming the next Worlds Greatest FEMALE Poker Player! & my Quest for my very own W.S.O.P bracelet.

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