Saturday, March 10, 2007


Well I think its time to share a little about ME!! I have tried several failed attempts at this post, I actually finished one once posted it for an hour and then deleted it!! See I have this problem with short and sweet! When I tell A story about anything I tend to blah blah blah!

I'm this way whether it be in person, or on the Internet! Notice the increase number of picture posts!!:) My entries tend to turn into novels instead of short stories! I have tried to keep written journals in the past but when I sit down to write I fill up the whole book in one entry so I stopped that!

It's hard to make ME short and sweet! Here goes nothing!

My mom is American, My Dad grew up in Quebec but later escaped to the U.S. They met in California. My mom had 2 daughters from previous marriage, Dad had 1 son.

I was born in Surrey British Columbia

I have 1 younger brother and 1 younger sister

I'm wacky and kinda weird! ah who am I kidding I'm very weird!

I'm outgoing but shy, I'm tolerant yet impatient,

I'm loving and caring but sometimes not nice, I'm confident yet very very insecure.

I'm adventurous but boring, I'm naughty & nice!

I should have called my site Cuter than Jekyll & Hyde it would have been more fitting:)

Martha S. is gentle and meek, I'm loud and obnoxious.

I do have one up on her however I have never been arrested or to Jail!! HAHA!!

I'm most like- a Roller Coaster (thrilling but frightening)

Favorite Holiday- Halloween (I love dressing up)

Poison of Choice- Vodka (It can be picked with ANYTHING)

Famous for - Jello Shooters :) yummy

I Love to- Entertain (nothing feels better than being the hostess with the mostess!!)

Greatest Accomplishment- My 2 beautiful Babies!!

Best Motivator - Music (my productivity depends on it!)

Deepest Regret- Getting FAT!

Worst Habits- Smoking Cigarettes & Yelling

Greatest Talent- I'll go with poetry since this is G rated site=)

Someday I'd like to- Genuinely like myself

Favorite Dinner- Soft Tacos & Nachos

Favorite Dessert- Cheesecake

Can't Resist- COOKIES (I'll eat em til every last one is gone)

Body Art- 3 Tattoo's (a Purple Sun, A half moon, and Libra scales)

I once had a belly button ring(it grew out) & later a tongue ring( it was fun!! swallowed one of the balls though so I took it out and got the sun tattoo as replacement, hubby never liked it which I NEVER understood, and my son was getting older I wanted to set a good example:)

Favorite Hair Colour-RED! Ronald McDonald is my IDOL!! His hair colour is amazing!

Hot spots I'd like to visit- Amsterdam (during Cannabis Cup) Dominican Republic (hear its beautiful there)

When I'm nervous or embarrassed I- Laugh (I can't help it )

Favorite Physical Activity- Based on the G rated factor I'll go with DANCING! If I had a better body I would even consider doing it for a living that way I could at least get paid to do what I love!! There is good money in Shakin' what your Mama gave You!! I'm not real big on my nudity though so maybe like a Burlesque Dancer! LMAO! or maybe Ill just stick to shakin it while sweeping the floor @ home... alone! lol

Cant wait til - July 25 2008( my "sugar daddy" and I's 10 year anniversary is the 24th and his dads bday is the 25 so we are going to FINALLY have a "pretend" wedding, We will skip the ceremony part and jump right to the PARTY!!! whoohoo! its a long story!!)

Happiest Day's- Sept 30 1999-Q.D's B-day & Jan 28 2004 Taylor Jayne's B-day

Saddest Day- Jan 28 2004 Gramma passed away (same hour T.J was born:(freaky!)

Biggest Fear....loosing my Family

Greatest Wish....To live HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!=)

Well that's about as short and sweet as your going to get I could keep going but I'd like to keep readers so that will do for now!!

So what do you think?? Cuter than Martha??


Anonymous said...

Great post Court! I learned a lot :-) We have quite a few of those in common! (Well, except for the cannibis cup thing... obviously, lol)

Definitely cuter than Martha, but don't you wish you had her $$$?

Court said...

THANKs KAI! Im glad you enjoyed that!! I sooo wish I had Marthas money!! but she didnt get her fame and money til she was OLD so I figure Im young enough it could still happen!! (a girls gotta have dreams!! lol)