Friday, March 9, 2007

I should be SLEEPING!!

Well I went and played poker after writing my last post ...After several failed attempts I decided put that on hold for tonight and go play with my hubby for a bit instead! Now it's 1:55AM and I know I should be in bed sleeping but I prefer to torture myself (mostly my eye's as they struggle to stay focused on the screen!) My lack of sleep over the last few months are slowly taking there toll! I really should invest in some good eye cream to help aid the rapidly growing bags under my eyes!! I am going to start charging them rent soon!
I have no one to blame but myself its not like anyone ties me to the computer til all hours of the night or should I say early morning! I've always been a night person being a kid sucked having to go to bed when normal people did!! I swear I was a Vampire in another life or maybe an Owl I was definitely nocturnal! All this would be well and good if I did not have children that required me to get out of bed in a few short hours!! I'm still fairly young so I can normally go on long bouts of insomnia without to many side effects! I'm sure my lack of ZZZ's is a direct link to my rapid mood swings and just general crankiness lately!
I don't mean to be a B****! I just AM!! I've been tormenting myself with sleeplessness since I got pregnant with my son 8 years ago its just become routine. Night time is MY time!! All day I am a MOM, I am a very strong willed 3 year old's mom (the 7 yr old is at school all day! I love school!!) and this 3 year old is a great one but lately she sure is testing the water! That too could be a direct link to my general crankiness or a direct result of my crankiness either way at some point in the day shes becomes not very fun!! She may look cute but she's a devil in disguise!

My favorite time of day is when I tuck both my babies into their beds, kiss them good night and tell them I love them!

My second favorite part of the night is when they are fast asleep in their beds and quiet as church mice!! Now I can sit and be ME!! I don't have to fetch anything for anyone or clean up anything! I can sit on the computer and actually pay attention to what I'm doing! Most nights I spend editing post I tried to start earlier in the day that I don't dare publish until I've had a chance to sit and reread them coherently!

My only problem is that I enjoy this time so much I don't want it to end which leads to me staying up until early morning playing online POKER & BLOGGING!!

What time do you go to bed?? What time to you wake up?? Do you feel the sleep you get is enough to function & contribute to society effectively??
My father in law always says...
" You have all the time in the world to SLEEP when your Dead!!"
On that note my eyes really do hurt so I'm going to pretend I'm buried 6 feet under & I'm going to go dream about SUNSHINE & FLIP FLOPS for tomorrow!!
Don't let the bed bugs bite!
If this makes absolutly NO SENSE when reading its because I wrote it when

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Anonymous said...

I'm a big night owl too, as you well know :-)

Jay hates it because he goes to bed early..... alone! Ha!

I average about 6 hours of sleep a night - not NEARLY enough! But I catch up on the weekend though :-)