Friday, March 16, 2007


Its FINALLY here!! I've been patiently waiting all week for FRIDAY and now its here!! HURRAY!! Tonight the Family will be going to cheer on our local hockey team the KOOTENAY ICE!! GO ICE GO!! A very good friend of ours daughter got free tickets from school for being a good girl on the playground!!(way to go H-P)They are all ready going to the game so they didn't need the free ones so she was kind enough to share with us!!! WE are all very excited!! My hubby mostly! Hes a HUGE hockey fan and loves every chance he gets to go support his local boys!!
The hockey game will be followed with the best part of the evening! GIRLZ NIGHT OUT!! with my Woodland LOVELY"S!! The kiddies will go home to bed with the hubby and I will continue the evening with some tasty cocktails followed by some much loved DANCING!! I Cant wait!!
In honor of ST.PATRICKS day tomorrow I decided to kick our evening out off with some pretty green JELLO SHOOTERS!!! This is my favorite way to kick off an evening out!!

I've decided to be kind to my dear friends this time and only made a half batch!
The recipe is quite simply! Just the way I like recipes to be!!

Choose your favorite flavour of JELLO! (For St. Patti's I picked up some FRUIT FIESTA Jello it's delicious and green! PERFECT!)
Boil your 1 cup of WATER, Pour into bowl with Jello powder, Stir til Dissolved
& 1/2 Vodka (rum could work as well I prefer vodka)

Pour into Shooter cups (I get mine from the dollar store, they are plastic and work GREAT!)
Refrigerate until PARTY TIME!!
Allow at least 2 hours to set!

My husband being the very intelligent man that he is has informed this morning that the farther in advance you make the jello shooters the more lethal they become! I received a brief science lesson from my beloved explaining that when the sugar is mixed with the hot water and alcohol it begins to ferment making more alcohol! Its not recommended that you make them to far in advance as you may harm your consumers accidentally! Alcohol poisoning is not fun from what I hear!!

Well this should be a GREAT NIGHT!! I''ll let you know how the Jello was! I'll try and get some pic's!!=) they are always fun to share the next day!!


May the luck of the Irish be with You!!


Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Have an AWESOME night! Don't forget to blog about it the next day... :-)


Anonymous said...

YUM! I love jello shooters! I had them once made with Malibu and they were REALLY good too!

Hope you had a great time!