Saturday, March 3, 2007

Count down to The Sweet Escape!!

99 days and counting!! I don't think June 12 is going to come fast enough! What exactly is this The Sweet Escape I am very impatiently awaiting?? The Sweet Escape is the title to Gwen Stefani's newest Album and the name of her up coming tour! The Calgary Saddle dome will be graced by her presence and a performance on June 13 and among the other 1000's of screaming fans I will also be in attendance! A couple of girlfriends and I will be road tripping into Calgary for a Girls Mid Week ESCAPE!! I have only been to one other concert in my whole life (SANTANA) and I could not be any more excited about going to see someone who has actually been famous in my lifetime! (not that Santana isn't an awesome artist he just experienced his true FAME long before I was even born!)
Gwen has sang lead vocals for the group NO DOUBT since the late 80's, In 2003 she branched outside of music and introduced her own clothing label called L.A.M.B, In 2004 she spread her wings even more and soared off as a Solo Artist! Her first album was titled Love.Angel.Music.Baby. = L.A.M.B
My friend had been talking about the upcoming tour for months! (Since they posted the tour date, but long before tickets went on sale!) Her excitement made me wish I could find a way to go with them! Ive never really had any girlfriends that I can go do stuff with never, mind road tripping and concerts! I settled down into family mode @ 17 so concerts and road trips weren't at the top of my to do list. At first I didn't think there was any way I could go, the show is in the middle of the week and its during our busiest time of year for work SUMMER, Who will watch the kids?? Well has luck would have it my in laws are moving to town the end of MARCH! Perfect! They will watch the kids! Now I just have to convince my Hubby to let me go 4 hours away for 3 days without the kids and HIM! I'm cute & often irresistible so I figured if worse came to worse Id just pull out my charm!

Sometimes if you wish for something hard enough it can come true!! =) HE said YES!
WE have our tickets!(really great seats from what I understand!!) Our hotel reservations have been made, Now we just have to PATIENTLY wait for it to be June!!
Wish me luck I'm not always the most patient person!! Just ask my hubby! I am already torturing him with GWEN, GWEN, & more GWEN, He may bury me in the back yard with my Gwen Cd before June even gets here!!=)

Would you like to see if The Sweet Escape will be visiting a town near you?? ~~Click Here for Tour Dates & Tickets!!

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