Tuesday, March 6, 2007

It was a Georgous day today!

It was an absolutely beautiful spring like day outside today! The temperature was 10 degrees Celsius! The little princess and I abandoned our inside duty's and spent most of the late morning early afternoon outside! We played with the neighbours kitty for a bit, that lead to a walk to the store for some candy:) It felt so nice to be out of the house without all the winter gear on! I was a little over zealous though and attempted our walk in flip flops! Ya that didn't work out so well! I made it around the corner and to the bottom of the hill the leads to the store and had to go back for some socks and shoes! Turns out not all the snow had melted off the sidewalk! Ill give it a few more weeks before I do that again!
The snow in the front yard is rapidly vanishing and that leaves me feeling super optimistic about the beautiful weather that is finally here!! Winter is WAY too long if you ask me! It could snow Dec 1 and all melt January 2 and that would be a perfect winter!
The cold months always leave me feeling low! I think its the lack of sunshine!

I have walked more this past week then I did in the last 5 months combined and I feel awesome! I'm sure my car being on his death bed has a lot to do with my increased exercise its been a good thing as the exercise is long over due!

Here's to Sun Shinning & SNOW MELTING!! Bring on the Flip Flops!!

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