Friday, March 2, 2007

Lets Get CRAFTY!!

Ive attempted to write about 6 different post, trying desperately to write something that's worthy of publishing! For my 7Th attempted I thought Id go with something fun and useful! And hope I actually post it! Then pray someone actually reads it! ENJOY!!
Its March already! Can you believe it where is time going? March break will be here in a couple of weeks, I'm already not looking forward to hearing "I'M BORED" for 2 weeks! We have no plans to go anywhere like some lucky March Breakers, so we will be left to entertain ourselves around the house! Both of my kids adore doing crafts with me and it is a fun way to pass the time and decorate the house! One of my favorite crafts to do is Paper Mache! Its cheap(make from old newspaper, flour & water & a balloon) and its something that's best done over an extended period of time so it keeps us busy for DAYS!! My first non school paper mache project was when my son was about 4 (note to anyone with small children PAPER MACHE is Not the greatest craft for little people! Hello Messy!Both my kids don't like the paste all over their hands so they feel the need to wash after they dip every strip!
I normally let the kids put on the first couple of layers then finish the rest when they are in bed! The Key to a good mache project is lots & lots of layers!! For our 1st project we choose to make a Piggy Bank, the shape of a balloon makes for a perfect piggy! We covered ours with about 10 layers a mache, letting each couple of layers dry in between applications, If you put to many on at once it takes FOREVER to dry!! Once all your layers are on and you've let it dry (should be ROCK HARD) I suggest leaving it for at least 24 hours after last layer is applied, you need to pop the balloon inside and now your ready for the best part of any craft project!
Its MAKE-OVER time!! I had a can a silver spray paint left over from something so I decided to make our piggy silver! It was for a boy so a pink one didn't seem appropriate! The spray paint took less time then painting it would have but either way would work! All my other projects have been painted by hand with kid friendly tempera paint! (available at most dollar stores, my absolute favorite place to pick up craft supplies) If your painting by hand you will need to apply several layers of paint in order to cover up the newsprint! If you painting yours a light colour I would suggest putting on a "primer" layer or 2 of white paint to aid in covering up the print! Once your critter is completely painted and dry your ready to add its Features.
For our pig we cut out felt hearts for the eyes and glued googly eyes to it , made it look a little more life like, the snout is actually the hole where you can empty out the contents inside (this way you don't have to smash it if your child would like some of the money out of it!) We glued on a LARGE pom pom making sure to leave a "mouth" at the bottom to get the coins out!
We tattooed her with foamy flower shapes we had in our craft box.
We also had some foam letters so I had my son name his piggy...he choose "Maretza" she was a guest on Dora the Explorer that week! The pictures at the top of the page are ones I took today so I could show a finished PIGGY, Please keep in mind shes 3 years old and has survived a few moves! I apologize for my the photo quality and the arrangement on the page this was my first time adding pictures! Ill work on that for next time!
Here's a recipe I use for the paste: small projects use ; 1 cup flour mixed with 2 cups water, I prefer to use hot or warm water as it mixes with the flour better and it feels much nicer on your hands! If you are doing several balloons doubling the recipe is a good idea. Mix the flour and water until it is a pasty,glue like substance, I prefer to have mine a little thick as I have found it hardens faster. (add extra water as need to get desired consistency)
Other Materials needed:
Newspaper strips, (1 inch to 1.5 inch width works best)
Glue (I use hot glue but white glue will work if the kids want to glue on their own decorations)
Felt/ Scrap fabric (cut out eyes and ears)
Googly Eyes (if your making a critter or person)
Pipe cleaner for a tail (wrap it around a pencil then slide off to get a perfect squiggly tail)
May I also suggest adding....
Glitter (try adding it to the paint to make it sparkle)
Foamy shapes/ flowers/ bows
Anything else you'd like to make-over your new friend!
**If your making a piggy bank an adult needs to cut a slit in the top of the pig after it is dry before you paint. (you need a place to drop you coins!)
***These can make great gifts! You can personalize each one to suit the person you are gifting it to! ie:Baby shower bank, Bridal Shower Bank, Birthday Bank, New Car Bank, College Fund you get the idea=)
I'm sure we will be doing some new projects over the break so stay tuned!!
Start collecting newspapers now and give it a try yourself! You'll be glad you did!


Anonymous said...

Hey - is that EVER cute!

It turned out awesome hey?

I remember doing paper mache in school - I loved it, but yes, it takes forever. :-)

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Good fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.