Friday, March 9, 2007


So the best part of the blogosphere is all the wonderful people you get to meet from around the world! I haven't had a chance to meet many people online yet but I'm working on my networking! A great site to visit is MermaidandPhotographer,(see link under Places I stop by on side bar) She is Fun, Witty and Super Nice! She has made me feel right at home here in bloggerland!
One of my favorite things about visiting, is her interactiveness with her readers. She likes to have fun games, Ex boyfriends list stuff like that! I enjoyed her ex boyfriend game so much I popped by for a visit today to see what was next! and here it was... In honor of National Woman's Day (which I did not know was today or that even such a day existed! Learn something new everyday!!)
***Mermaid writes.....Girls, when you leave a comment on this post, I will reply with these 5 things about you:
1. I will tell you what song makes me think of you.
2. I will tell you what tattoo I think would suit you.
3. I will tell you my first opinion of you.
4. I will tell you the color or flavor of jello that I'd wrestle you in.
5. I will give you a nickname.
Court - Your turn (you're right we just met, so let's see how this goes)
1. WINNIE THE POOH theme song (just look at your display picture)
2. I would love to see a little bee on you, just above on your right shoulder blade, I think you could pull it off ;-)
3. Funny enough I expected it to be like Martha Stewart type content on your cooking recipes.
4. We'll be wrestling in honey. Sticky but sweet.
5. Wendy (from Peter pan) - I love the little fairy pic on your blog, it somehow made me think of that's where I got Wendy from.
WOW Mermaid for someone who doesn't know me well you sure did great!
Here's my responses to your responses!
1. I guess there are worse songs that could remind you of me! (I think Im going to change my display pic now though;) Winnie the Pooh is my favorite Disney series, Eeyore Is my Favorite character.He's so glum you cant help but love him!
2. Never really thought about a bee, I do have a tattoo on my right shoulder blade:) its a purple sun! I also have a half moon on my left shoulder blade!
I LOVE TATTOOS!! I have 3 and will be going for lucky 4 soon! My lil bro is working on a pic for me!! Hurray! I going for an Monkey Angel with a devils tail! Ill explain in another post!=)
3. I was hoping to go for a Martha Stewarty feel only better! I am a very crafty person and jokingly a few times I have referred to myself as a Cuter version of Martha! I thought it would make for a fun blog name:) Stay tuned for some Martha type content! I doubt I'll play much with recipes,(although I do love to cook and bake) I think I'll leave the yummy recipes for the Buzz Queen shes so awesome at it!!
4. MMMMM Honey, thought we where doing jello but I like honey doesn't sound as cold & squishy!
5. Wendy funny that, that's the name you choose! I once dyed my hair this wicked red colour in 8th grade, I had dirty blonde hair when I dyed it so I'm sure you can imagine what kinda red it turned out to be! Anyways my dad said that I looked like WENDY as in the burger joint WENDY! Thank god the dye was the kind that that washes out in 6 washes! I washed my hair like 6 times in one shower! I did not want to be the new spokes model for the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger! I like the Neverland Wendy though she was cool! She got to fly and live in Neverland and had a chance at eternal youth!! Sounds good to me!!=)
Thanks for the FUN post Mermaid!! Can't wait to see whats up next!


Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

LOL...Court, you're WAAY cuter than Martha (well, actually I don't know since you have no pictures up of yourself, but i'm going with my gut instinct on this one ;-)

Yeah, this post made me realize how wrong my first impressions of bloggers often are. We put a lot of weight on the picture and name on a blog. Funny how that goes.

Hugs to you,


Anonymous said...

It was fun, wasn't it?

And she's so very clever too!