Friday, March 2, 2007

C&K Masonry- Specializing in Cultured & Natural Stone

My Favorite Natural Stone Projects!

5 point GRANITE -each piece carefully cut from templates to ensure a perfect fit!
Split Face Boulder - boulders laid face in and out for extra special effect! most often rocks are layed face in or "North American style" In Mason terms. Face in is referred to as "German Style"
*Face=inside of rock , Rocks true beauty is hidden within!

As you can clearly see I finally learned how to add sidebar features to the site! I'm very proud of myself ! This was a very big accomplishment for me! =) ~~claps:)

You'll notice some Pictures on the right sidebar Titled C&K Masonry,
Allow me to introduce our bread and butter! My hubby is a Mason by trade and we run our own little company. We moved to the Kootenays (my hubby's hometown) this past summer we thought we may as well cash in on the great economical boom the area is undergoing. Masonry is a dying trade that is extremely high in demand right now, from where we sit this is a great thing...means very little to no competition! Our first winter here has been kind of quiet for work so I am anxiously awaiting summer so we can dive head first into continuing to beautify our little Paradise 1 rock at a time!!
Could your home use a make-over?? Consider some Stone!
Visit for great cultured stone products and ideas, Plus locate a Dealer/Mason near YOU.

Live in the Kootenays? Would you like a stone make-over for your home? Like our work?
We'd be more than happy to answer all your stone questions and provide you with a free no obligation quote!!=)


Anonymous said...

HOLY! I leave for one day and look how this place has changed!

Your site looks fabulous Court! Keep up the good work :-)

Rajib Hossain said...

Great work. I really like the story. I love your blog, keep it up the good work. I can't wait to see what it is next.
Stone Split Face