Friday, March 23, 2007

TAG I'm IT!!!!

WOW!!! Its been a day actually its been crazy for last few days! My IN LAWS moved to town this weekend and arrived yesterday, their furniture was suppose to arrive in the moving van late last night however and unexpected car problem left the mover temporarily stranded an hour an half from town until morning...anyways after a lot off hassle we finally got the furniture and the in laws are officially settled in their new apartment. The kids are having their first sleep over tonight!!
PERFECT!! Now I can finally finish this post I began late last night!

I have officially been tagged with a '3 things' meme ...
I like this kind of tag much more than the kind I played as a kid I never was much for running!
Here goes nothing....

The Power of 3.........

Three Things That Scare Me:
1. Creepy Old Men (and for some reason I'm an Old man MAGNET!not god)
2. Being ALONE at NIGHT (this freaks me out more than anything!!)
3. Needles

Three People Who Make Me Laugh:
1. My 2 Babes
2. My "Sugar Daddy"
3. Roy Dietrich (family cheeks hurt from laughing so much whenever he's around!!!)

Three Things I Love:
1. My Family
2. Drives in the Car with my "Sugar Daddy" (Ecspecially now that we live in B.C the scenery is breath taking!)
3. Company (I absolutely LOVE when people come to visit me!!)

Three Things I Hate:
1. Being COLD
2. Pedophiles

Three Things I Don't Understand:
1. Why I continually pay gross amounts of bank fees every month to spend MY MONEY
2. Why my children prefer not to listen to me 98% of the time
3. Why the Bratz Barbie Dolls have no Feet without their shoes on!! (this is just WRONG!!!)

Three Things On My Desk:
1. Monitor
2. Keyboard
3. Mouse

Three Things I'm Doing Right Now:
1. Trying to finish this before I have to go help my In laws move into their new apartment in town its been a bit of a nightmare with the moving truck!
2. Trying to think of how to answer this question
3. Hurting my eyes starring at the screen thinking about how to answer this question

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1. Change my last name (I have HATED my last name since I was very very young! I've been patiently waiting to get married to change it since i was about 8...HINT next summer this one should be accomplished!)
2. Go somewhere HOT and TROPICAL
3. Own a licensed Coffee Cafe

Three Things I Can Do:
1. Make beautiful flower bouquets from coffee filters!!=) and all kinds of other FUN crafts!
2.Income Taxes
3. Play & win Texas Hold em Poker
Three Things I Can't Do:
1. Fish
2. Curl my tongue
3. Tie a slip knot...I have learned that this makes knitting a real challange =(

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To:
1. Your elders...well most Elders there are SOME exceptions to this rule!
2. Your HEART
3. Music

Three Things You Should Never Listen To:
1. The Drunk guy sitting next to you
2. The Telemarketer on the other end of the phone....nothing they have to offer is ever good!!
3. The mean kids @ school!! Sticks and Stones...
Three Things I'd Like To Learn:
1. How to beat the Casino
2. More about Astronomy & Astrology
3. How to effectively implement the laws of Quantum Reality into my daily life.

Three Favourite Foods:
1. Soft Tacos...Taco Salad ....mmm I'm hungry now!!
2. Anything from the BBQ (and you would be AMAZED at what you can cook on a BBQ!!)
3. Moms Sloppy Joes with Taco chips!!

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid:
1. Saved by the Bell!! (lmao zack, slater, ya baby!!)
2.Law and Order
3. 90210....from beginning of the series til the end!! It was the first show my parents would let me stay up late to watch!! (thanks mom and dad xoxox:)

Three Wonderful People to Inflict My Meme On:
1. Mermaid/Photographer...
2. This is worse than chain letters i have been dreading this part since I read it!
3. some random blog I will visit later =)


Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Hey....i'm on vacation!!! LOL. Just kidding, i could never stay away from my internet even while i'm travelling.

I'll post them on my blog so you can see them later today!!

La Cremiere said...

Cool Meme, I'll do it if you don't mind, although it looks difficult, like I hate a lot of things, picking the top three will be hard. And I love lots of food, picking the top three will be harder. But floppy joes rrrrr, that's niceeeeee.

You're cool, I'll be back.

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