Friday, March 9, 2007

March Break Craft Kick Off!

It is officially the start of MARCH BREAK!! While I wish I could spend my 2 weeks sunning myself on the sandy beach of a tropical island and enjoying a nice cool refreshing Margarita or maybe I'll bring along the Buzz Queen to whip up some of that yummy looking Sangria she posted the other day! MMMM!=) OK OK back to reality here I could actually almost feel the sun on me for a minute there!

Instead of tanning, the kids and I will be CRAFTING, CRAFTING did I mention that we will be CRAFTING?? I have been promising my son (who loves to do crafts) for weeks now that over the break we will do TONS of CRAFTS!! Of course I'll share each and everyone with you here!=) So keep visiting for tons of fun crafts you 2 can do with your kiddies!

I thought I'd kick it off with a real FUN one my son did at school this year. He's in grade 2 and has done some pretty neat stuff this year! The teacher was kind enough to send home step by step instructions on how to do this one @ home.


Things you need:
1/8 or 1/4 cup of GLUE (sparkly GLUE works GREAT!)
1 Teaspoon of BORAX SOAP
1/4 cup of WATER

How to make it:
1.) Pour GLUE onto a plate
2.) Add SPARKLES if your using white glue
4.) Slowly add small amount of BORAX/WATER solution to the GLUE while stirring (Popsicles are good fingers work too.)
5.) Once GLUE is FIR, pick it up ad begin rolling it between your hands to form a BALL!
6.) Spend ENDLESS hours ENJOYING your new BOUNCY BALL!!

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