Tuesday, March 13, 2007

And now I WAIT!!!

I SURVIVED!!! So I had my interview this morning! It went well! I had dreamed that they fell instantly in love with me and hire me on the spot! (well without dreams what have u got??)
They are running the AD again on Friday, interviewing next week and then they will make their decision and inform candidates accordingly! Now I am forced to sit and wait for the next week and a half or so, replaying the interview over and over in my head, questioning "if I had answered this question differently or at all!!!" I hate waiting for things, even more than that I hate waiting for things that I want really badly!!
Guess all I can do is hope that they saw me for the great person that I am and feel I will be the best fit for the position!! (BECAUSE I SOOO WOULD BE!!)

Here's my next dilemma do I wait to hear back from them before I go search for plan B? or do I just go out and find plan B while I wait??

For now I'll wait I'm exhausted after all that stressing, in the end I spent about 5 hours on my cover letter and resume 12 hours stressing & all for a 10 minute interview!! NICE!!

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Anonymous said...

It always seems like a breeze once it's over hey?

~~~job vibes~~~