Tuesday, April 3, 2007

YIPEE I got a JOB!!

Job Update!! I applied for an office position a while back @ Clarica you may remember me writing about, Well I received my Sorry you didn't get the job letter,We will keep your resume on file for future blah blah blah this past Friday. I was a little sad when I opened it. Yes I cried but I knew before the letter came that I didn't get the job so I only shed a few tears! I'm not sure exactly why I cried I wasn't really sad, but the show must go on!!
Yesterday I decided to pound the pavement and find a job.
The paper here is constantly flooded with help wanted ads there definitely is no shortage of work in my little town, so I used the classified's as my map.
I Started my hunt @ Canadian Tire, they had an enormous ad hiring IMMEDIATELY!
I worked @ Crappy Tire for a short while in Ontario so I figured it would be a great place to start already am sorta familiar with things.
My visit there didn't quite go how I had envisioned it but all things happen for a reason.
I left my resume there and still have yet to hear from someone. You snooze you loose!
I carried on my search and applied at the Triple O Drive -Thru its a gas station restaurant type place not really my ideal job but if all else failed it would do! I had a mini interview on the spot with the manager so that was cool.
Not satisfied with my progress I headed out to one of the local golf courses that had an ad for Reception/Pro shop & Servers. I don't have any directly related experience but I'm a smart friendly girl I can figure it out! I met with the owner we went over my availability, what job I wanted to do, counter or server. I said I would do both Ive never been a server but I'm willing to learn!! She said she had to figure some scheduling stuff out and and that she'd be in touch.

On the way back in to town I stopped at Home Depot I wasn't sure if they where hiring or not but I figured it wouldn't hurt to put in a resume just in case!

And then almost right beside Home Depot is a little Plaza with Walmart, Payless, and the NEWEST edition to the gang our very own LA SENZA (if your female I'm sure your very familiar with this store!!! Its one of my Favorites next to Wally!) I had heard rumour that we would be getting one but I had no idea that it was here & open already!! I stopped in to see if they where hiring and of course they where! I filled out an application on the spot.

Let me tell you after all that running around being friendly, I was EXHAUSTED!!!
Just looking for a job is hard work!! I figured 5 resumes out was a good start so I went home and had a nap with my daughter on the couch!

Well ALL that HARD work payed off. This morning once I figured out the ringer was turned off on the phone the call backs began flooding in!! Thankfully I had only missed one call it was from the Home Depot!
***Note to self in the future when looking for a job make sure your phone is on so you can hear it to answer the calls when they come in!!

I played telephone tag with the Home Depot Human resources lady all day.

In the mean time I received calls from the Golf Course and La Senza and set up interviews for this afternoon.

The Golf course was first, Its full time Seasonal but its all good gives me all summer to find a good full time winter job!! I had my interview and the lady offered me the job right there on the spot I couldn't say NO!! So I am now a counter girl @ Mission Hills Golf Course!! Whoohoo!! I'm soo excited. I start tomorrow!! I will be trained as a server as well just so I can fill in when needed I like to know more than one job at a time makes you more valuable as an employee!!

Next was La Senza, my interview went awesome! I owned it! She loved me! It only pays 8.50/hr though and that's a little less then I was hoping to make plus its only part time:(

She called me back tonight and left a message (oops the ringer was off on the phone again! gotta stop doing that!) I got the job and she wants me to start tomorrow @ 11:00... super hard to do when I start @ the golf course tomorrow @ 10:00. I get the pleasure of phoning in the morning and regretfully declining the position. (I hate that kinda stuff!!)

After my interview at La Senza I tried calling the Home Depot lady again, after holding for way to long I finally got through and was able to speak to her!! She wanted to know if I would be interested in a job in their Seasonal Department. AS in the garden centre and selling lawn mowers ect. I told her YES I would LOVE a job in the Seasonal department so I have an interview there on Friday @ 12:30. Sweet! Its only part time but could lead to full time say around maybe October when my other one closes for the season?? lol
We will see what they are offering on Friday when I go. I hear they are paying wicked wages!

I also got a call from the Triple O manager saying he wanted to hire me. I had to tell him I got work somewhere else! that sucked!

HOLY SMOKES!!! I had 3 job offers in 1 day plus another interview on Friday!
I'm overwhelmed!! I just hope I took the right one!! I'm sure I did, of all the places it was the best suited for me!! Its only seasonal but its a place you can go back to season after season!
My sugar daddy will LOVE it as he LOVES to golf!! I'm excited because I like to golf as well but I'm not very good and my man does not have the patience to teach me!! He is also left handed and I'm right so it makes it kinda challenging for him. We have golfed together a few times well attempted to anyways years ago. I remember the last time @ around the 3rd hole swearing at him and making him promise never to take me golfing again!! That was a long time ago I have grown up a lot since then.I am looking forward to the opportunity to learn how to properly play this nice relaxing sport!! I'm also hoping to kiss ass with the golf pro there and score some free golf lessons!!=)

La Senza sounded fun with the 25% discount and all, right up until I found out I would have to do Bra Fittings on woman, 8.50/hr is NOT enough money to have to fit woman for Bras!!! Unless your a man then they would probably work for free!!
I don't know that as a customer I would be all to comfortable with a woman fitting me for a bra. I obviously have never had such a thing done before. Maybe as a company they should consider training up some Hunky MALE Bra fitters!! Betcha sales jump through the roof!!!
Every lonely lady for a thousand miles would come for her free feel I mean bra fitting!! lol

Life Lesson's learned this week......

If at first you dont succeed Try Try again!!
When applying for employment in a customer service based field it pays to be peppy!
(its probibly the only time it wont get you beat up!)
Determination is a great motivator!

Life Question of the week!

** If I can get 3 jobs in 1 day why are so many able bodied Canadians sitting at home collecting welfare?? And why does our Government continue to allow them to sponge off the system and live off our hard earned tax dollars??


Anonymous said...

WHOO HOO Court! Congratulations!!

The golf course will be fun! But LaSenza would have been good too :-) (yeah, not the bra thing though)

3 jobs in one day is crazy! I agree with you - IF someone really wants a job, it just takes a little bit of effort to get one!

Anonymous said...

So - have you started yet? What's it like? Seen any good eye candy out there on the greens yet? hehe

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

That is beyond cool~ good work!!