Sunday, April 8, 2007

Job Update

I am hoping that no one read my post from last night! I read it tonight and it was pretty bad! I'm surprised I managed to find the spell check!! Hence why it no longer exisits!! Drunk Blogging is probibly not a good idea!
I learned a very tough life lesson last night........Vodka appears to be all friendly and smooth in the heat of the moment...turns out @ 4am it really is not your friend at all!! This is not cool when you have to be at work at 10am!! I am such a LOSER!!
Well I managed to stop rejecting the booze I consumed just in time to get ready and go to work! I spend most of the morning in the shower (its my favorite place when I'm sick!) I was ahead of the game there, just had to get dressed, throw my hair in a pony, slap an Lil make up on and presto chango I'm good to go!!
Work was NUTTY!!!! I was the only counter girl on until after 11 cause the girl at 11 was late!
Lets keep in mind here I had only worked 2 non busy training shifts so I was super nervous about being on my own! This is why getting wasted the night before maybe wasn't the best idea on my part.
I managed to survive the day with minimal mistakes!! I swear 70% of Cranbrook was out golfing today @ my golf course!! I'm back at it tomorrow for the closing shift and I can't wait!
I know that the job will only get easier the more I work! Its a lot of fun and I'm super stoked to be spending my summer there! If I have to spend my summer working anywhere I think a golf course is a pretty cool place!!
p.s: **Kai... TONS of EYE Candy today!!! I'm just sad I was so busy I couldn't enjoy it once they left my counter!!! =)



Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

oh, court, do I ever know what you mean... check out my latest post. My girlfriend and I polished off a bottle of wine, and then got into the vodka...yup. Always a good idea at 10pm, not so much the next day though.


Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

By the way, I searched for that drunken post, but I can't find it...guess its gone for good?

Anonymous said...

Hard alcohol always seems like such a better idea at the time doesn't it? hehe

Glad to hear the job is going good - Whoo Hoo for the eye candy! Hope it'll slow down enough for you to enjoy looking at it :-)

Congrats on Home Depot too! You are going to be one busy lady! I'm working 3 days a week and can hardly keep up with much of anything anymore!