Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mens night was a BLAST!!

OK here is the much anticipated men's night update!! Sorry Mermaid for delaying this working 2 jobs is really starting to wear thin! I'm am considering taking a short leave of absence from Home depot until October because the Golf course is way more profitable for me!! =)

Men's night was a Blast!! Clouds started to roll in right around 3:00 so I was a little nervous, however no rain came with them and the SUN did end up shinning by the time it got really busy!
It was still cold but I didn't mind I was working my butt off! (sorta) The Music guys was rockin!! He made me earn my 20.00 tip though
It was just busy enough that I didn't freak one! On of the girls I work with had a little bit of an anxiety attack but she recovered quickly! I was a little surprised because she had served last summer there and always seems to be so confident!! Shes young so I guess it was just a little over whelming! She ended up with a HUGE table of dudes which would not have been easy!
My biggest table was 5 ....then I had 2 groups of 4 that joined u together!
I was smart last night and made sure I asked if they wanted separate bills or not! That seemed to make it easier!
I'm sad to report that the Hottie's where slim pickings but there was a few and the best thing about Men's night is it is EVERY Thursday ALL summer long! So although not many to pick from the ones that where there I get to see every week!! hurray!!
I LOVE MY JOB!! No pics though sorry guys! I was too busy for that.
I will try in future weeks! I did make 50 bucks in tips not bad a bad night!!!
I've never made tips before so this is all new!! Super Exciting too!!!
Its only going to get better as the season goes on!! I cant wait til its full out SUMMER!!


Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

sounds like you love it, which is awesome. I agree with your decision about home depot'll give you some time to relax, see the kids...BLOG!


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