Sunday, April 22, 2007


Well Hello there!! Its been awhile I know and for that I am am deeply sorry!! Since I started working 2 weeks ago my life has gone from slow and easy to HOLY CRAP and NUTTY over night!!
Quick job up-date....Friday I worked home depot 8am-5pm I a few computer seminars to finish up, but was quickly aborted from that before even getting started which was just fine with me!!!
Instead I got to go out into the Garden Centre to unpack stock, its time to start opening!!
So I'm motoring right along unloading plastic flower planters, I'm an hour and a half into my shift when I get to a skid of poorly packed Cast Iron Urn style planters, I begin unloading them! They are heavy little suckers!!
Anyways one started to fall when I grabbed another one from the skid and me being dumb in an attempt to save the product decided to try and catch it with my one hand, it didn't quite work out as planned and instead of catching caught my pinkie finger and crushed it between the urn underneath i on the skid! I had gloves on thankfully! i think they are what saved me! I immediately began to jog inside (i don't run well! its the boobs!) I went to the girls at the front cash and was like "I need some help" my finger was bleeding pretty good from the impact and it was super swollen! They rushed me to the First Aid room...the first aid dude came and checked me out, it was hard to tell if it was broken it hurt but not real bad i could wiggle it but not bend it but I think that's just because it was so swollen. Anyways he attempted to bandage me up, (they didn't really have what he needed in the room) and then I call ed my old man and had him drop me off at the hospital! I checked into Emerg, it wasn't long before the HOT doctor came to check it out, he sent me for XRays just to make sure it wasn't broken , the Xray guy was super nice, but no nearly as HOT as the doc!! WOW I wanted to ask him for his number! He had a sexy accent!! yummy!! ~~oops back to earth sorry!! Xrays came back not Broken THANK GOD!!!!
3 days later its actually not to bad! I worked all weekend and was OK....kept banging it on the pop cooler but its all good!! I was done and out of the hospital and home before noon!! I got payed for me full shift and only had to work and hour and a half not bad!! Wish I didn't have to hurt myself to do that though!! Not exactly how I wanted to be know around the Home Depot but oh well! Worse things I could be know for I guess!! Actually it was funny because prior to my injury I ran into the store Manager who took pride in telling me that every associate that has had a chance to meet me or work with me has thought I'm just wonderful and she thanked me for being so great!! I wish my significant other thought I was as wonderful as both my new employers!! Seems he's not so happy with me these days and that sucks!! When you only get a few hours together you don't want to spend them pissed at each other!!
Well guys I have million more things I could say but I worked 10-2 at Home Depot then 2-9 at the golf course I'm EXHAUSTED!!! I just don't have it in me to finish tonight! Its 11:30pm and I have to work at 8AM!! YIKES!! The black circles under my eyes keep getting larger and darker!
I'm making tons of money so I guess I'll just invest in some really good eye cream!! lol!
Any recommendations??
I made almost 20 bucks in tips so I'm going to bed with a nice big smile on my face!!

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Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

My head is spinning from what you just said...6o hours a week. Crushed finger. 10-2 @ one place 2-9 @ another (what are they, in the same building?) Staying up til 11:30pm, getting up at 6:30am.

WOW. Once I get my head around all that, I'll give you the thumbs up too :-) Clearly you love it, so that's all that matters.