Sunday, April 1, 2007


So our old car finally had enough, I think the drive from Hamilton Ontario to Cranbrook B.C last summer combined with the multiple trips up and down Panorama Mountain very day for 2 months put a huge strain on it, after all it was only a little golf cart with doors!! lol no It was a Hyundai Accent and all and all I can't really complain to much about it!! Anything is better than walking!
WE are now the PROUD owners of this SWEET little mini van!! Its no BMW but til the kids are teenagers it will do!! Its nice just to have a car that can go past the corner store!! WHOOHOO!!
I AM IN LOVE WITH DRIVING NOW!! I cant stand to sit at home anymore I just want to be our CRUISING!! It can hold 8 people so there is plenty of room for the 4 of us!!
Camping this summer is definitely on for this summer and I cant wait!! The vans big enough worse case I can fold the seats down and snooze in the back!! That's handy if you ever accidentally drink too much out @ the bar one night! Just have a little snoozaroo in the back til your sober enough to drive!!

R.I.P in peace my little golf cart with doors! You served your purpose well!!
These B.C mountains have been hard on you I know but you sure toughed it out!! I cant say you'll be missed but we had some good times Ill always remember!! =)

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