Thursday, April 12, 2007


Well I have been working at the golf course for a week now and I must say I LOVE MY JOB!!
It gets crazy busy at times but I enjoy the madness for the most part.

I had an interview at the Home Depot last Friday for a part time Seasonal Department Position, The pay is not quite what I thought it would be so I wasn't too sure I wanted the job. Anyways long story short they called me in for a second interview with the store manager.... She offered me the job so I took it!!

I will now be working at the Golf Course in the evening, and the Home depot in the morning.
I don't think I will see my family until October but its all good cause I'll have tons of money for them!! HURRAY!!!

I start the Home Depot on Sat. not to keen on the steal toe shoe thing but I'll suck it up, I get to wear jeans to work and that's super cool!!
I'm hoping that come October when I'm done the golf course, Home Depot might have a full time position for me!! I'll keep you posted!

Working 60 hours a week may not leave much time for blogging but I will do my best!!


Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Are you crazy?? 60 hours a week??

Anonymous said...

I agree - 60 hrs a week is retarded! And about 40 hours more than I'm willing to work!! (hehe)

And where the hell are all the pictures of the golf course eye candy????

Give an old lady a thrill would ya!


Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

I just read Kai's comment... old lady my ass! Have you seen how hot this blonde is?!