Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Corprate VS Non Corprate

Well I just underwent the most grueling 32 hours of training EVER!!! But that's Corporate employers for you!! AS you know from my last few post I recently took a part time position at the well know Home Depot....My first shifts where Sat & Sun 8am-5pm this is what they called orientation (most companies have these for new hires so that was all well and good) 16 hours of having policies and procedures barfed at you was a little much!! After orientation you must complete several Web based training sessions on the computer independently...My first computer shift was Monday morning at 8am (BTW i am not enjoying this 8am working thing!! i can not get to bed early enough not to be dead the next day! i tried hard all weekend!) I may have been OK had I not had to be up at 6:30 all weekend. By Monday my eyes hurt just to open them! I plowed through my computer training doing my best not to fall asleep!! That was HARD!!! I couldn't tell you exactly what I learned in my sessions but I did Ace every post test I had to do!! Yesterday was my nuttiest day so far! I was in training from 8am-1pm then I worked at the golf course from 3-9. I have concluded that Home Depot is my job and the golf course is a cool place I get to hang out and get payed!! I love it there!!
My bosses are AMAZING!! They love me already! Its so nice to be LOVED especially by the people who sign your pay check!!
My shift at the course last night rocked!! The weather was kinda questionable and that tends to slow golf business down a little! In between the odd person that did show up, I occupied my time by doing Manican Make overs!! I think its nice to change up your display once a week so that people can see your different products! My manicans looked GREAT!! The owner gave me 2 thumbs up!! It's going to be a GREAT SUMMER!!!!

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