Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tonights its all about the MEN!!

Tonight is our season kick off for our Men Night Special at the golf course!
I've had the pleasure of being transferred over to serving at the restaurant instead of counter girl! Pay per hour is a little bit less but the tips you can potentially make compensates!! I have never worked as a server before so I am super excited to be given the opportunity!! Ive had 2 shifts already in preparation for tonight's Men's Night 8 dollar jugs of draft, its gonna be a busy night!! Last night was the Ladies night Kick off it went well not as busy as they anticipated it to be but the weather was crappy yesterday and so that was kinda to be expected!
Tonight will be 1000 times better!! The sun is Shinning away, there is NO hockey!
And apparently 8 bucks a jug is a stellar price so I don't know to many men that would pass up that kind of bargain!! Specially ones who like draft!! Bonus part! Live music! Last night was awesome I was working and rockin out all night! Good times!! This job is almost to good to be true! sometimes I feel a little bit guilty getting payed! But only a little bit! I do work hard so I'm not totally guilty! Ive been a little nervous about serving just because its all new to me! I'm so happy my bosses have huge faith in me and are willing to take a risk!
Everyone told me I did Great last night!! I went home feeling very good about my job!!
I'm going to sneak my camera in and try to grab some Eye Candy Pics for my dear friend Kai!
No promises though from what Ive heard rumours that its mostly old guys that come out!
I'm praying it's just a rumour!! There are a few regular Hotties that come out to golf, and they look the kind of guys that would enjoy 8 buck jugs!!
Stayed tuned for MENS NIGHT update!!